Outdoor learning

What are the benefits of outdoor learning for students?

Outdoor learning can improve kids’ health

  • Outdoor learning can improve our well-being – physical, mental and emotional.
  • The powerful combination of a diversity of play experiences and direct contact with nature has direct benefits for children’s physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Outdoor learning has been proven to reduce stress in young learners.
  • Learning environments with a greater number of plants, greener views, and access to natural play areas demonstrated a lower level of stress.

Outdoor learning connect children to nature

  • Humans have natural biophilic tendencies – meaning an innate desire to seek connection with nature.
  • Learning outdoors can also inspire kids to become physically active in their spare time.

Outdoor learning gives children a love and appreciation of our natural surroundings

  • Playful, experiential and interactive contact with nature in childhood is directly correlated with positive environmental sensibility and behaviour in later life.
  • Children who attended outdoor school engaged in positive environmental behaviours at home

Outdoor Learning Does Improve Behaviour

  • Green school ground encouraged students to be more well-mannered, tolerant and polite with each other
  • Outdoor Learning class , there are less fighting, more sharing of toys and more kindness.
  • In outdoor learning ,students generally have more fun and being nicer to each other.